My Special Christmas Gift

Children make Christmas time a very special time. From the time they are born, parents want to their children to feel that Christmas time is magical. As children grow older and Christmas day draws near, parents get just as excited as the children do. Perhaps for different reasons. Children anticipate what Santa is going to bring, and parents anticipate the look on their children’s faces as they see the tree Christmas morning with all the pretty wrapped gifts underneath. Parents look forward to seeing the children ooh and ahh over what Santa has brought them.

As the children grow up and become young adults, this tradition has a tendency to fade. As young adults, their lives change and as a result the tradition of spending Christmas eve/morning at home with the parents may be replaced with other responsibilities or choices. Perhaps they are in school and can not make it home for the holidays. Maybe they have a new boyfriend/girlfriend and want to spend the holidays with him/her. A move to a different part of the country might not afford them the opportunity to visit for the holidays. Possibly they have gotten married and feel that they need to spend the holidays with the in-laws with the promise of spending next year with you. Maybe they are married with children of their own now and want to create that special Christmas/morning with their new ones.

I get asked the same question from my kids every year around Christmas, “what do you want for Christmas?” For me the most special gift my children can give me is to be with me at Christmas time (or me be with them). I feel that I am more fortunate than most parents at Christmas time. My children are now in their thirties and they have spent every Christmas with me since the time they were born.

My daughter, who has a daughter of her own, has yet to miss a year. My son lives in a different city and hasn’t missed a year either. I don’t need pretty coloured wrapped packages (although they are nice, don’t get me wrong), I just want them home for Christmas. I just want us together. This, to me, is the greatest Christmas gift they can ever give me.




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