It’s The Thought That Counts

It’s The Thought That Counts

One of my favourite Christmas memories relates to the old adage ‘it’s the thought that counts, not the gift.’ I have tried to teach this to my children as I was raising them. I always tried to reinforce the notion that Christmas was giving from the heart and that the season was not only about receiving but of giving of yourself in a meaningful way.

A Rough Year

This particular year was a rough one for me. Having been separated from my spouse, I had a household to take care of, a daughter to look after and a son of whom I had part-time custody of. This in itself was not the challenging part. The challenging part was when I started up my own business. This venture took up a lot of my time. I was working very long hours and trying to keep the house running and the children taken care of. Now my daughter was a young teenager at this point and although she could fend for herself, I still needed to keep a vigilant eye on her as this is the time when the young teen is experimenting and pushing limits. As the holiday season came around, my to-do-list was growing bigger. Needless to say this particular year was a very challenging and stressful time for me.

The Joking Comment

One evening we were sitting around the dinner table discussing the subject of Christmas gifts. My daughter asked me what I wanted this year. I jokingly commented that what I really needed was for there to be more hours in the day and to have a little less stress. We all had a good laugh and I never gave it much thought after that.

The Big Day

Well the big day arrived as it always does. We all gathered around the Christmas tree and began opening our gifts. My daughter handed me the gift she had chosen for me and I began opening it. As I unwrapped the gifts (as it was two gifts combined) I immediately became so overwhelmed with emotion that tears welled up in my eyes. Her gifts to me consisted of a home-made pillow in the design of a clock with thirteen hours on it and a small jewelry box with peace stones placed inside it. It was the most precious gift I received because I knew it came from her heart.

Lesson Learned

I will always reflect fondly back on this Christmas memory for the rest of my life. My daughter is now an adult herself and is raising her own daughter, I see that she too takes great measures to teach her daughter the true meaning of Christmas. When you’re thinking about what to get that special person or person’s in your life, remember, it’s the thought that counts not necessarily the gift.


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