Finding the Perfect Christmas Tree

Finding the perfect Christmas tree need not be a challenge. Everyone has their own ideas about what their tree needs to look like. While real trees are still commonly used, we are finding that the use of artificial trees is more the trend.

Choosing one that fits your own uniqueness is dependent on size, shape and quality. As such, the challenge for holiday shoppers is to find that one that is the perfect size and shape and shows the most realism.

Benefits of an artificial tree

There are many benefits of using an artificial tree. Real trees are definitely higher maintenance. Firstly, there is the need to purchase a new tree every year. Then there are the pine needles to contend with and the constant watering so that the tree does not dry out too fast.

If you are a renter, the landlord may prohibit the use of real trees in their establishment. Then there is also the disposal issue to contend with. Real trees certainly do have their downsides.

Artificial trees are an investment as they can be used for many years instead of just one. They require no watering and therefore are much lower in maintenance. This also means that your Christmas tree can be enjoyed longer during the holiday season.

Once their up and adorned with your favorite decorations nothing more needs to be done but to simply enjoy the ambiance of it. When the holiday season is over they simply get packed away into storage until the next year. When you look at it this way, the artificial Christmas tree is a perfect choice.

Choosing the perfect tree

There is nothing worse than deliberating over and choosing that perfect Christmas tree just to get it home to find out that it won’t fit in the space you have allotted it. Best Unique Christmas Trees has some important guidelines to follow in your quest in finding that perfect Christmas tree.

First, find the place that you will want to display your tree. Secondly, measure that space including both the height and width of it. This will help you decide what the right size tree should be for your space. When purchasing artificial Christmas trees that come with the tree stand, the advertised height will most often include the stand. Do not forget to allow for the the topper on your tree.

The width is also important if your space allowance is on the narrow side. So you need to determine the diameter of your tree space. For safety reasons, remember that your tree should be away from any heat sources. This is a crucial step in choosing your tree and we highly recommend using a tape measure for this step as it will save you grief in the future.

The perfect tree also encompasses the type of tree and the quality of the tree. There are many types of artificial trees to choose from  such as pine, spruce and redwood. Artificial trees are made to mimic the real tree and great progress has been made in producing the quality of them. This has allowed holiday shoppers to have a larger variety to choose from and the ability to enjoy them longer.

What type of tree is best

Choosing the perfect tree does not have to be a dilemma. At Best Unique Christmas Trees, we found the best way to decide on the type of tree you want is to reflect back on your childhood or in your past.

Try to remember that one time when you felt you were looking at the most perfect tree ever. Try to recall what the type of tree was (i.e. pine, spruce etc.). What was the shape of it? Was it full or was there enough space between the branches to house big ornaments? Was it on the plump side seemingly almost as wide as it was tall? I am sure you get the idea of what we are getting at.

Another quite common way to determine what the perfect Christmas tree is for you is to see what others are choosing. Perhaps getting ideas from the stars of Hollywood or perhaps shopping around for ideas on the internet or in magazines at the local grocery store checkout.

Have you ever seen that tree, perhaps a family members or a friend, that you secretly wish you had in your home? Well, it may be the perfect time to try one of these ideas out yourself. Do not be afraid to copy ideas from someone else as most people consider it a compliment that they are being emulated.

Of course there is always the radical option of trying out a new look. Pick a tree that will enhance a new Christmas look for you. If you have traditionally gone pine try spruce or redwood or something outside the box and build on that look.

This may be the opportunity for your to try out those new ideas that you have been thinking about. Creating a new Christmas theme in your home or place of business can be invigorating and very self-satisfying.

Making the best choice

Choosing your perfect Christmas tree does not have to be a challenge. By following a few simple guidelines you can ensure that you have the correct size and shape that will fit in your tree space.

Whether you choice a more traditional look or a more radical look, we are sure that you will find have found the Christmas tree that is just right for you. We at Best Unique Christmas Trees wish you all the best in your quest to find that perfect Christmas tree and hope you enjoy your holiday season.




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  1. roadcred Reply

    Useful to me in fact as it takes me through a thought process I unconsciously go through every year….do I get an artificial tree so I can put it up now or do I wait another couple of weeks and get the real thing? Umm? I could do both?

  2. Altered Soul Reply

    Thank you for this article. I was thinking of buying a real tree for Christmas but you make some good points here towards the artificial tree instead. I don’t like to support the “wrong market” so I will be looking for a artificial but made in a better way for our environment.

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