Christmas Trees 101



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Christmas Trees 101

Looking for that unique Christmas tree and deciding on how to decorate it can be a challenging task. We at Best Unique Christmas Trees are here to help you choose your unique Christmas tree, lighting options and tree decorating themes. Follow these Christmas Trees 101 steps below:



1. Measuring Your Tree Space

Follow these guidelines to properly measure the space that your tree will be going in. 

First, find the place that you will want to display your tree. Secondly, measure that space including both the height and width of it. This will help you decide what the right size tree should be for your space. When purchasing artificial Christmas trees that come with the tree stand, the advertised height will most often include the stand. Do not forget to allow for the the topper on your tree. The width is also important if your space allowance is on the narrow side. So you need to determine the diameter of your tree space.

After measuring your space that you will be placing your Christmas tree in, you will need to determine what size tree you want for your space. You will need to consider height and width of your tree area. 


2. Choosing Your Christmas Tree Type

The next step for you will be deciding what type of Christmas tree you want. We have broken down the most popular Christmas tree types for you to begin your search. There are also Christmas tree options for those who have limited or tight spaces. 

Choosing your Christmas tree type can be a daunting experience. There are so many choices nowadays. We have come up with the most realistic looking artificial Christmas trees to help you decide.

Manufacturers of realistic artificial Christmas trees offer a large selection of trees to choose from. Environmental friendly, spruce, pine and firs (the most popular realistic looking) come in all shapes and sizes.

Each type of tree (spruce, fir and pine) has sub variations. Name types are also dependent on how the manufacturer uses them when they assign names to their products (such as National Tree and Balsam Hill).They do this to brand their products with a unique name.


Spruce Trees

Spruce trees have a full shape with dense foliage. They have strong, up-swept branches which make it easier for holding your favourite holiday decorations.

Balsam Hill Blue Spruce 7.5 ft Christmas Tree

National Tree Blue Spruce 7.5 ft Pre-Lit Christmas Tree

 This gorgeous tree is a Balsam Hill Blue Spruce 7.5 ft Christmas tree and you can find it at ebay.


This is a National Tree Blue Spruce 7.5 ft Pre-Lit Christmas Tree. You can find this classic at amazon or ebay



Northern White Spruce 7ft Christmas Tree

This is a Northern White Spruce 7ft Christmas tree and you can find it at amazon.


Fir Trees

Fir trees are somewhat symmetrical. Their foliage is fairly dense. Their fullness adds beauty to their look. These types of trees may be for those who like to use small and light-weight decorations.



Balsam Hill Balsam Fir 7.5 ft

7.5 ft Pre-Lit Medium Fraser Fir Christmas Tree This is another gorgeous tree from Balsam Hill. This Balsam Fir tear-drop shaped tree with upward sloping branches can be fund on ebay.




This Fraser Fir 7.5 ft pre-lit Christmas tree can be found at amazon


National Tree 7.5 ft Downswept Douglas Fir Christmas Tree

This beautiful National Tree Downswept Douglas Fir 7.5 ft can be found at amazon. Ebay also has Douglas Fir Christmas trees.


Pine Trees

Pine trees have clustered needles on their branches. Their branches are spaced wider than firs or spruces. Their foliage is less dense as well. Their branches are more flexible and usually upswept in direction. These trees are great if you like to load your tree up with lightweight decorations.

National Tree 7.5 ft Carolina Pine Christmas Tree Pre-Lit

This is a National Tree 7.5 ft Carolina Pine pre-lit Christmas Tree and an be found at amazon.


Environmental Friendly Christmas Trees

For those who are concerned with the effects that artificial Christmas tree manufacturers have on the environment, check out Oncor’s environmental friendly Christmas trees (eco-friendly) at ebay or amazon.

Oncor produces eco-friendly Christmas trees. They use 100% recycled PVC material in their trees. This manufacturing style reduces the effects on the environment because it requires less energy (one half the amount) to manufacture recycled PVC than it does to manufacture original PVC. Oncor also donates 1% of its gross sales to the 1% FTP (For The Planet) environmental organizations. See our post on Christmas Tree Needle Quality for more information on materials used to manufacture trees.


Trees For Tight Spaces

Is your Christmas tree going into a confined space? Do not despair, there is a Christmas tree made just for that type of space. The Pencil Christmas tree is just like other Christmas trees but they are smaller in diameter, making it easier to showcase your tree in those tight corners or small spaces. They are a big hit for apartment dwellers or those who want to showcase their trees in hallways or larger staircases.

 National Tree Down Swept Douglas Fir 7.5 ft Pencil Slim Tree with 350 clear lights

National Tree Kingswood Fir 7.5 ft Pencil Slim Tree with 350 multi-coloured lights.  


Other Types of Artificial Christmas Trees

There are other types of artificial Christmas trees manufactured for those with more unique tastes.

Coloured trees can really be showcased beautifully is done right. Vickerman brand offers a variety of colours to choose from: sky blue, red, pink, silver, champagne, mocha, antique gold, lime green, purple, fuchsia and white.

Both ebay and amazon offer a large selection



3. Christmas Tree Light Choices

Once you have determined your tree type, you will then have to decide if you want the tree to come pre-lit or not. You will need to decide if you want white or multicolored lights if you buy a pre-lit tree. If your preference is an unlit tree then you may opt for no lights or lights that you will string yourself. 


There are a lot of Christmas tree light choices nowadays. There are the traditional incandescent tree lights, LED tree lights, fairy lights and fiber optic lights. Each have their own characteristics and values. Christmas trees nowadays come with option of being prelit which saves you the hassle of stringing them yourself. We have put together the following information about Christmas tree lights to help you decide which choice is best for you.

Traditional incandescent tree lights can still be found today in stores. These types of lights have a heated wire element that produces the light of the bulb, similar to that of the incandescent light bulb used in household appliances. The colour of the bulb is made by its casing which is generally made of glass. Incandescent bulbs have a tendency to be hot to the touch when lit and they are not very energy efficient.


LED (light-emitting diode) tree lights do not have filaments but rather a positive-negative junction that, when electrical current is applied, lights up. These type of lights do not get hot and are much more energy efficient. LED lights produce a more vivid and defined colour than that of the incandescent bulb. Because they have no filament, they last longer due to their durability.



Fairy tree lights are mini micro LED lights that are strung on a very thin cable or wire. These lights are very energy efficient.



Fiber optic lights are made of thin strands of optical fibers made of plastic or glass. The light travels through these fibers down the inside of a cable. The casing of the cable that houses these fibers has two layers. The inner layer is called the core and this houses the light fibers. The outer layer is called the cladding and its purpose is to stop the light from escaping out of the cable. These type of lights consume more energy than LED lights. Artificial trees that come prelit with fiber optic lights have the light built into the tree so if a light burns out you may have to replace a part of the tree instead of just the light itself.


Prelit Christmas Trees

The majority of Christmas trees are decorated with tree lights. Artificial tree manufactures have produced trees with no lights and trees that come prelit. With prelit trees, you may have the option of having white lights (warm or cold), clear or multicolored lights. Some come programmable, meaning that you have options of how you want the lights to appear (flashing, still, fading, and so forth) and some have remote controls. The biggest win with prelit trees is that you do not have to string up the lights and that sometimes can be a big bonus.

National Tree 7.5 ft North Valley Spruce 550 clear lights

National Tree 7.5 ft North Valley Spruce 550 multicolored lights

7 ft Fiber Optic Tree with 280 lights

The Benefits of an Unlit Christmas Tree

If you opt for an unlit tree and you want lights on it, then you will have to put the lights on yourself. You can use what you have or get some new ones. With today’s technology, there are a lot of Christmas tree light choices as I explained above. With unlit trees, the freedom of choice is up to you and, if your not keen on multicolored or white,then it allows you the chance to use different colour lights like blue.



How Many Lights Do I Put On My Christmas Tree?

The answer to this question is very simple; put as many or as few as you like. There is no right or wrong answer to this question. It is purely personal preference. I myself like a lot of lights on my tree while others that I know prefer a lot fewer.

However, if your a stickler for rules, the rule of thumb for incandescent lights is approximately 100 lights for every foot of tree (a little less for other types of lights). So a 7 1/2 foot tree would need approximately 800 lights, a 6 1/2 foot tree would need 700 lights and so on.


4. Christmas Tree Decorating Themes

Now it is time to decorate your Christmas tree. If you do not have a theme chosen yet, let us give you a few ideas. Deciding on a theme for holiday decorating can be a fun way to try out new options. From traditional to outstanding is the way we describe our finds. We found the following to be top Christmas tree decorating themes that you may want to choose from. We will be adding more themes as we discover them.

1. Snowman Themes

Featured on Fox Hollow Cottage

Featured on Crafty Morning, designed by Kim-Gaga Anderson

Merry-Time Festival of Trees at the Door County Maritime Museum















There is something magical about snowmen at Christmas time. Maybe it’s from watching Frosty the Snowman for so many years. Watching him come to life and romp around with the kids that makes him a wonderful addition to the holiday season. This mystical Christmas theme is sure to be a hit.

Did you know that in 1494, the infamous 19 year old Michelangelo was commissioned by Piero de’Medici (the ruler of Florence, Italy) to sculpt a snowman out of snow? It’s true. 

We have made the following suggestions of decorations for this tree theme: Click here to see them.

2. Sports Team Themes

Evelyn Valle’s Steelers Tree

Elegant Strategies – Merry Leafs Christmas

Andrea Rivera’s Red Sox Christmas Tree














Fa-la-la-la-la, Rah Rah Rah, Sis Boom Bah, Go Team Go … a theme for the die hard fan. For this fan crazed theme, deck the tree with the team colours and memorabilia. It will be the conversational hit of the festivities.


3. Cultural Themes

Decoholic Interior Designs -Highland Holiday Tree

Tree Designer Cindy Turco – On Safari













This is a unique way to celebrate your culture. Whether your roots are in Scotland or Africa, this theme will embrace the essence of you and your ancestors. You may also decide on a culture that is not yours but rather one that peeks your interest.


4. Rustic Themes

Country Living – Farmhouse Chic Rustic Christmas Tree

News Archive UK – Laura Howell’s Rustic Christmas Tree

Kristine In Between – Rustic Christmas Tree

These rustic looking Christmas tree themes bring the thought of nature and it’s wonders. Inspired by nature and its beauty this is a great look whether you live in the city or the country. 

We hope that this has helped you to choose your unique Christmas tree. We wish you all the best in your Christmas tree decorating venture. Let us know how it turns out by leaving a comment.



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4 comments on “Christmas Trees 101”

  1. Todd P Matthews Reply

    This is creative and really cool. I’ve always been a fan of the colored Christmas trees as I’ve always found them to be unique. I like the tree themes as well, something I’ve never done before but I have relatives who put up three each year, all with a different theme and it inspires me to follow such a path one day.

    My favorite from them is the white tree they always put up each year that has a Cleveland Browns theme. Yes, they use orange lights, brown garland, and each ornament is a Cleveland Browns one. As a Browns fan, it’s even greater!

    Creating a theme for each tree I decide to put up is something I’d love to do, and will likely stick with the sports theme (Browns, Indians, Cavs, Golden Knights), and corresponding colors for each team. Orange and brown, red and navy, wine and gold, and finally, charcoal gray and old gold.

    This article here serves as a perfect guide toward working to that Christmas goal of my sports-themed trees.

    • Tina Reply

      Thanks Todd. Some of these teams have some unique colour combinations. They would certainly be unique. I will have to see if I can hunt some down and display them here.

  2. Alex Reply

    I am glad to see you included a point about environmentally friendly trees, Oncor. As a millennial, I really value the environment, but I also like to celebrate Christmas. I will have to recommend the brand to my sister and my Dad. They usually just cut down a tree, but I will have to change their mind this year. It is for the good of the planet after all.

    I do have a question though. Do you know anything about environmentally friendly Christmas decorations? I am heading up to Oregon with my Dad for Christmas and I want to decorate my sister’s tree a bit. It would be cool to put something nice up there that is also environmentally friendly. I look forward to reading your response.

    Thank you for sharing and I hope you make it a great day!

    • Tina Reply

      Hey Alex

      Yes, valuing our environment is very important as it sustains us. It’s too bad that not enough effort is put into it. I was glad to see that some manufactures, such as Oncor take the effort into trying to preserve our planet in some way.
      As for the eco friendly Christmas decorations you can check out some suggestions here at, they have a few things to offer. We are still trying to hunt down some sources who have a larger variety. There is also the option of a diy project. you can find several on the web. At this time of year there are a lot of craft sales going on that showcase beautiful homemade decorations that are made from natural products. I strongly suggest you check those out in your local area, especially if your not the diy type of guy.

      Hope this helps you out. Have a great Christmas with your sister and Dad in Oregon. I bet it is beautiful at this time of year.


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