Christmas Practical Jokes

My father was known to be a practical joker. Now one would think that he would put his jokstering ways on the back burner for the holiday season …. yea …. no. I grew up with two brothers, one older and one younger. My oldest brother, like many older siblings, had a tendency to aggravate me and my younger brother and whenever it came to payback time we were all in.

Now my brothers and I were old enough to know that Santa wasn’t the real McCoy. We knew that it was Mom and Dad who played the Santa role. One day Dad pulled me aside and asked me if I would wrap one of my oldest brother’s gifts for him which I agreed to do. This in itself would not be a big thing, but remember my Dad was a prankster at heart.

So he puts a box in front of me and swears me to secrecy of about what we are about to do. The box was sealed so I had no idea what was in it. He gave me a roll of packing tape, you know the wide, see through kind you usually seal up boxes with. Then he gave me a roll of gift wrapping paper. I looked at the roll of tape and caught on real quick. I eagerly started my wrapping all the time thinking that it was finally payback time and boy was this going to be good.

I used the whole roll of tape on his gift. I started with the sealed box and put a lot of layers on that. Then I wrapped the gift with the gift wrap and sealed that all up with a few more layers of tape. I probably used half the roll of tape. Dad came in and laughed about how funny it was going to be and then he put a gift tag on it but didn’t put a name on it. This was standard operating procedure in our house during the holidays because we snooped at Christmas time.

Well, Christmas morning finally came. I spotted the prankster gift under the tree and grinned in anticipation. So we began the tradition of ripping open the gifts that were under the tree. Well, let me tell you, It was a bit of a shocker when that prankster gift landed in my lap with my name on it. I got the prank right away then and boy was the joke on me. It sure is funny telling the story now, but not so much at the time.

Yes there is a lesson to be learned here. No, it’s not that you shouldn’t be a prankster. Just be careful who you plan a prank with as you never know who exactly the end target is. A word of advice, plan and execute your own pranks then they won’t backfire on you.





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