Christmas Exchange

Christmas Exchange

Christmas is the time for sharing and we at Best Unique Christmas Trees have created a space to do just that. Christmas Exchange is our holiday sharing space. We want to share with our members some of our fondest Christmas memories, traditions and foods.

We have created three spaces where you can share your very own Christmas memories, traditions and foods with us and other members of the site. We and our other members would like to hear your stories of those special times and special events that you hold dear. You can also be guaranteed that food is always on everyone’s mind as we all anticipate the holiday treats and special dinners, so we would like to hear all about your favorite holiday foods. Perhaps you may even part with that special family recipe you keep hidden away.

Whether sad, happy or just downright funny, we are sure that your Christmas tales will be enjoyed by all and everyone is looking for new recipes to try out over the holiday season. So please share by posting on our Christmas Exchange pages. We look forward to hearing from you.

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Christmas Memories

Christmas memories play a big role in our holiday season. We look back with nostalgia on memories of the past at Christmas time. Some memories are sad but it is most often the case that these memories bring smiles and/or laughter when we recall them.

We at Best Unique Christmas Trees would have shared a few of our Christmas memories with you. We hope you enjoy them. Want to share your fondest Christmas memory with us? We would be happy to hear it as would our other members. Just submit your post below and share your story.                 

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Christmas Traditions

Christmas traditions have been handed down from generation to generation and from century to century. They are in essence the backbone of the holiday season. Families may have varying traditions from other families. For example, some families put their Christmas tree up weeks in advance of Christmas day while other families may not put their tree up until Christmas eve (as was the case in my family when I was growing up).

Gift opening is another example; while some families open gifts all at the same time, other families may have each person take a turn opening one gift while the others watch on and then it becomes someone else’s turn to open a gift until all the gifts are open.

Christmas traditions can also change from generation to generation. These changes can be for various reasons: family dynamics, additions to the family such as children and in-laws, changes in geography, economics and social influence to name but a few. Some traditions that are changed may be missed and some may be seen as a blessing.

We at Best Unique Christmas Trees have shared some of our Christmas traditions with you. Whether old traditions or new ones, we look forward to hearing about yours. Submit your post below.                                                                             

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Christmas Recipes

Christmas traditions also include what is cooked and served at Christmas dinner. Memories of holiday treats and special dinners bring back memories that make your mouth water and your your tummy rumble. From hosting parties to serving the festive family dinner everyone anticipates this time with great pleasure.

Some families may opt for turkey while others may prefer duck or goose. Some families prefer bread stuffing while others look forward to a potato stuffing. Treats like gingerbread men, snowballs or Grandmom’s favourite rum balls, everyone young and old has their preference and look forward to their holiday treats.

Christmas Exchange offers you the opportunity to share your favourite recipes. If you have a recipe that you think should be on everyone’s must have holiday platter by all means let’s have it. Submit your recipe below. We look forward to trying it out.                                                                                    

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Let’s Share

Whether it’s a Christmas memory, a tradition or a recipe, Christmas Exchange is the place for sharing. We have shared some of our with you, we hope that you will share some of yours with us.




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